Affiliate & Disclosure Policy

*If you’re from a brand, please be sure to read my policy and then scroll down if you’re interested in working with me!

Let’s talk about what disclosure means here!

The FTC sets forth a pretty clear standard on how an “endorser” (aka: me, the blogger)  should adequately disclose a connection to any brand I should choose to work with. The page I just linked to has a ton of info for your reading pleasure, but I’ll get down to the nitty gritty of what is important here and what you, my reader, can expect from this blog.

  1. Truth in any advertising (such as me writing reviews for products and featuring them in some way on my blog) is the most important thing. So, whether I bought a product myself, if it was sent to me for consideration by a brand, if a brand chooses to sponsor a giveaway for my readers, etc., I will always be honest in my thoughts and opinions and what my relationship with a brand is. Which brings us to the next bullet point…
  2. My disclosures will be clear and conspicuous. This means they will be easy to understand and not hidden. (Example: I will write out something such as, “I bought this myself”, or “[Brand name] sent this to me for consideration/for review/for…”)
  3. Since I’m writing this blog, you can expect that what gets featured (whether I pay for it or it is sent to me or sponsored) is relevant to my interests.

Okay, what about the affiliate links on this blog?

Glad you asked, I am happy to tell you exactly what each affiliate link does in general terms and then in a more specific list.

In general terms: when you use one of my links, there might be something in it for you (like a discount if you make a purchase), and typically I would receive something as well (commission or store credit, for example).

Know this: the affiliate links I choose to have are only for services or brands I use personally and love!


Are you a brand that would like to work with me?

If you feel you have a product relevant to the interests of myself and the audience of this blog, please head over to my contact page and send me an email. I’d love to hear from you!